Betsy (lizzle) wrote in wicked_carnival,

Ok, if you are pissed off and want to rip someone a new asshole, read on...

...(anonymous)"Liz sleeps with Roy you know..."
Bex: "Uh, ok, and you're telling me this, why? They've been going out for 2 1/2 years I'd be worried if they weren't by now."
...(anonymous): "This ICP stuff has changed her, she's so depressing now."
Bex: "Ya, maybe she's changed for the better. So stay out of her buisiness..."

I wrote a whole entry on how much this person needs to just eat her fucking words (Bex is my sister by the way, not a 'lette but she's cool shit and totally supports me).

Anyway, ya, go to my journal and support me on this if you like

juggalo-haters wreak of bullshit
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All people suck. They can eat me for all I give a fuck. I'll show some haters how the fuck a REAL 'lette plays with knives...
damn straight