Kermit's been a while...and I come bearing GIFTS!

Hey you guys. It's been a long time since I've posted, and that sucks...balls.
But what doesn't suck balls is that I'm selling ALOT of juggalo stuff! Probably some things that you haven't been able to find. Here's what I've got.
Roy and I are finally getting an apartment, so we need to do ALOT of sizing down with all of these doubles of things!

If interested...e-mail me


~Lizzle the Great~


I need all members to make any entry they post friends only. If it's not posted as friends only it will be deleted. I'm not doing this to be mean. I realize it may piss a few off, but it's only being done like this because there are people causing drama. Who ever posts anonymously, that's great. Do it elsewhere. If you want to go back and change your posts that's fine. Do that. And from this post on, all entries will be Friends Only.

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Check this shit out...just felt like sharing

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That's me with ICP

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THat's my boyfriend Roy with Blaze and Jumpsteady.

I love how our nerves both caused us to automatically throw up a clown love sign. We look like fucking posers...^_^ But I mean come on, we were meet8ing the masters of the dark carnival, how were we supposed to look?!

My tongue looks goofy.

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full frontal snogging... I just learned today that it means "making out" in England. And did you know that "fanny" in England means "pussy" about that.
Just felt like sharing

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The medications working for me so my guess is that I'm fine.

Thanks for the support you guys. Did you know that "Fuck the Fuck Off" is coming out in 2006? That makes me cry alittle.